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This site is a historical game based on the realities of the Second World War and its authors have nothing to do with fascist and Nazi ideology.
Materials posted on the site, such as photos, symbols, drawings and graphic signs containing Nazi content, are of historical significance only.
This site does not serve any political ideology, Winds of War is a game that uses only data and graphics of vehicles used at that time.
It is not a tool for exchanging ideological messages between neo-Nazis and fascists, nor a tool for their contact.
Any manifestations of Nazism or fascism detected by the game's administration will be stigmatized and result in blocking the account.
In the case of strong signs of the above ideologies, they will be referred to court.

1. These regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) define the rules for using the website www.wichry-wojny.pl and www.winds-of-war.eu (hereinafter referred to as the game), provided by the creators and owners of the game, miccom games.

2. By accepting the regulations during registration, the user confirms that he has read the content of these regulations and agrees to all provisions contained therein.

3. Providing address data necessary for registration and editing of the user profile as well as the use of database resources is voluntary.

4. By providing data in the registration form and when editing data, the User declares that they are true and consents to the processing of such data (Act of 29.08.1997 on the protection of personal data, Journal of Laws No. 133 of 1997) by the creators games to promote products, services and companies.

5. A user account is created on the website www.wichry-wojny.pl after accepting the Regulations.

6. The user has the right to inspect the data provided by him, as well as the right to correct or delete it. Removal of data takes place by selecting the option to delete the account, which is included in the user's panel. Modification and deletion of data also takes place after the user sends an appropriate written request to the following address: team@wichry-wojny.pl< /a> with mandatory e-mail address, login and password.

7. The user's request to delete his data is tantamount to deleting the entire account, along with accompanying information, to which the user agrees by accepting these Regulations.

8. If the user does not log in to the website for a period longer than the number of days counted between the date of registration and the date of the last logout+7, the creator of the database will delete the unused account.

9. When using the website, "cookies" files are saved on the user's computer, necessary for the proper functioning of the game.

10. The user undertakes to use the user's account in accordance with the legal regulations in force in Poland, social and moral norms and the provisions of these regulations.

Multi-account is the term for two or more game accounts operated by one player or from one internet connection in the same world.
Any multi-account phenomenon will be punished by limiting/blocking access to the game.
Having a SPONSOR account does not affect the administrator's decision to lock/unlock the account.
Each BLOCKED player has the opportunity to appeal to TEAM WIND against the decision of the OG (game operators).
Communication with WICHRY TEAM takes place through the appropriate form located on the page with the list of blocked players.

moreover, it is forbidden to:
* a. Sending "unwanted mail" by the user - the so-called spam (advertising, advertising sent without the consent and knowledge of the game creators, advertising not ordered from the game creator), sending illegal content, violating generally accepted social and moral norms, rules of social coexistence,
* b. Use of obscene language,
* c. Violation of the confidentiality of correspondence,
* d. Impersonation,
* e. Infringing in any other way the personal rights of third parties,
* f. Transferring the right to use the game account to other people without the consent of the game developers,
* g. Posting on the game forum texts not related to the subject of the game,
* h. Other behavior of the user, considered by the developers of the game as undesirable behavior.
* i. Using as a name or nickname in the game phrases, names or surnames of officers considered war criminals, persons prosecuted by law, fascist groups, military units and formations considered criminal or prosecuted for crimes against humanity, etc.
Any violation by the user of any of the provisions of this section 12 shall be grounds for the immediate termination of the user's account, as well as appropriate legal action.

11. Użytkownik zobowiązuje się do bieżącego kontrolowania ewentualnych zmian regulaminu, dostępnego na stronie

12. The creators of the game are not responsible for:

* a. how users use the game, or for any consequences thereof,
* b. mail and messages sent and received by users,
* c. any damages to the user resulting from incorrect sharing or inability to share his game account,
* d. effects resulting from third parties obtaining the user's password and login, regardless of the cause (e.g. making the password available to a third party by the user, breaking the password by a third party),
* e. making the password available to persons authorized under applicable law,
* f. information, articles, texts and materials posted by users on the game's website or game forum and data downloaded from the www.wichry-wojny.pl and www.winds-of-war.eu websites, or for the consequences of their use.

13. The creators of the game reserve the right, and the User accepts this right, to:

* a. immediate blocking of any account, without prior notice, in case of violation of the regulations by the user,
* b. periodic shutdown of the game without prior notice,
* c. deletion in exceptional situations of the entire content of the server,
* d. introduction of fees for using any sections,
* e. removing any texts from www.wichry-wojny.pl and www.winds-of-war.eu without prior notice,
* f. block senders of messages or entire domains and IP addresses in the event of violation of Users' rights or in the event of violation of the Regulations,
* g. complete cessation of the provision of services, after notifying users on the websites www.wichry-wojny.pl,
14. In the event that the user has taken actions that are not prohibited by these regulations, but are considered inappropriate, the game developers may notify the user by e-mail about this fact, with a request to stop taking these actions. If the user does not comply with this request immediately, it will be considered a violation of the regulations.

15. Accounts in relation to which false data will be disclosed in the form will be deleted.

16. The game user agrees to the use of the user account by the game team for commercial purposes, in particular by:

* a. displaying advertisements and advertising content on the www.wichry-wojny.pl website, including those addressed directly to the user,
* b. sending advertisements and other content of commercial information to the e-mail account provided by the user,
* c. attaching advertisements and other content of commercial information to e-mails sent from www.wichry-wojny.pl or www.winds-of-war.eu
17. All activities listed in point 18 will be carried out without interfering with the content of users' correspondence, with a clear distinction of advertisements in relation to user content.

18. The user has the right to resign and delete his account at any time, in particular when he does not accept the changes introduced to the regulations.

19. All comments should be submitted to the e-mail address: team@wichry-wojny.pl< br>
20. The creators of the game reserve the right to change these regulations.

21. Changes will be made available to Users on the page regulations

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